Sustainability Commitment

eco-friendly commitment 





Making healthy responsible choices for the planet was my focus when I first started to develop KB Design. After researching how to incorporate this into my art business I came up with 3 key fundamental ideas.

1. Top quality PCR poster. PCR stands for “post-consumer recycled”. This means the poster is produced using materials put in the recycle bins.  At KB Design we have sourced an incredible Canadian printing company that produces our prints with PCR content and has an environmental focus.

2. Minimal packaging. So many times I’ve had a product shipped to me with so much unnecessary plastic! KB Design uses packing materials that are recyclable and just the right amount to ensure safe arrival when shipped.

3. Keep it local. Whenever I can buy local for my personal life or business I do! As you are aware there is a long list of benefits to this. Keeping your environment footprint small is such a bonus.

Being eco-friendly business means that we commit to continuous education and making better choices. We will continue to evolve our business practices to improve our ecological footprint.