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A note from the founder 

Even as a child, I always wanted to build businessesmy sisters and I organized toy garage sales and lemonade stands. I loved spending the day with them strategizing the details of business with all the seriousness a 10-year old could have, with the end goal to of course profit a couple dollars to spend on some cent candy at the corner store. 

An artist at heart 

And when I wasn’t running all of my little ventures, I would sew summer dresses and Halloween costumes from scratch, using stuff around the house. This hobby led to me enrolling in Ottawa’s prestigious Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design, where I focused on haute couture. My creative side flourished here—all my signature pieces were art-driven, from Flourishing Uncaged which was a cage design covered in over 300 silk flowers, each flower uniquely hand sewn. Creating a wow piece that I liked to refer to as “wearable art” was super important to me! 

Sharing healthy living 

Fashion was the perfect creative outlet that I needed and it made for a smooth transition to digital art. And I didn’t want to just make art, I wanted it to be good for the planet too. My passion for sustainability comes from wanting to create a healthier living for my own family. I’m a mother of three beautiful children who push me to be better and do better. They give me the motivation to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into our lives. Using safe products and buying from companies that stand for making the planet a better place is a big part of my personal values. That’s why all of my digital art prints are ethically printed through a Canadian company from recycled paper. 

Accessible art in Ottawa

I can’t wait for you to discover my new art collections! Whether you are a student at university who wants to make a nice home in your rental, a young professional decorating your very first home, or a big family looking for family-friendly art prints - you will find your new art here. More to come!

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